A Depth of Vision

Barton Perreira is an independent brand that sees things differently, taking the time to invest in craftsmanship that produces nothing less than the finest eyewear in the world. Meticulously crafted by hand in Japan, a single pair of Barton Perreira frames takes weeks to refine. Distinguished for their passionate attention to each one-of-a-kind detail, Japan’s leading artisans ensure every facet of Barton Perreira eyewear is brought to life with precision and virtuosity. The relationship between design and manufacturing is a true partnership, unparalleled in the industry.

“From the beginning, the dream of Barton
Perreira was to make products without
compromise. And we have.”


The titanium made in Japan is the finest and most lightweight in the world. Barton Perreira uses Japanese titanium with no composites to construct the most durable frames available today.


Barton Perreira offeres signature cloisonné and foil-print technology. This process must be done by hand to achieve the high gloss enamel finish and precise placement of patterns.


A hand-dipped double to triple staged process that takes days to perfect. The result is a stunning gradient of color across the outside face of the lens. These results can’t be realized in any other way.


Patty Perreira’s creative expression drives her exploration of colors, patterns and acetate combinations that push boundaries. Her bold color palette is synonymous with Barton Perreira.


Patty Perreira

Patty Perreira’s intuitive style and storied designs have been the centerpieces of collections ranging from Vera Wang, Prada, Miu Miu, Paul Smith, and for over eighteen years, Oliver Peoples, where she redefined what eyewear means to the modern world. Fearless, soulful and endlessly versatile, her intuition guides every move.

Bill Barton

Bill Barton began his career as an optician, learning the intricacies of the eyewear industry and the value of human connection. These experiences informed his tenure as CEO of Oliver Peoples, leading and driving remarkable growth, before moving on to transform the eyewear industry toward a more authentic future with the creation of Barton Perreira.


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