Partnering with women across the fashion, art, music, and culture spectrum. Through collaboration, we create unique products that highlight the creative spirit and give back.

Barton Perreira operates on the principles of independence and was co-founded by Patty Perreira, an entrepreneurial forward-thinking woman. Our Women's Coalition initiative will be a series of product releases that will focus on, highlight, and support creative self-made women that continue to break barriers in business, product design, and culture.⁠

Through these⁠ bespoke projects, we will use our platform and channels to reveal the vision and point of view of these amazing women and their endeavors.

"For as long as I can remember, I have been inspired by women who blaze their own trail, articulate their independence, and take on the unknown. In co-founding Barton Perreira, I wanted to build and create a brand that is founded on these entrepreneurial principles. As an extension of this spirit and drive, I am excited to announce our Women's Coalition Project. This new brand pillar will be a vehicle for collaboration, and celebration of creative self-made women who continue to break barriers in fashion, business, product design, and culture.⁠

These stories will focus on inspiring other women and continue to celebrate creative and independent thinking. Through creating unique and limited edition products, we will support nonprofits by donating a portion of the project sales to support women entrepreneurs and creatives as they seek to build what is next."


"When going into business or starting a business, it's always good to make sure you are passionate about what you want to do and create."
Patty Perreira