Rimless Collection

Luxurious silhouettes in sculptural 24k gold hardware.

Retro Elegance

I have always wanted to design a rimless collection that pushed the boundaries in shape, color, and materials. This limited collection of charmingly provocative lens shapes and colors create unique silhouettes that evoke a heightened sense of luxury for the wearer.  We complement each style with impeccable craftsmanship of hand-selected mixed materials when brought together create ultra-lightweight eyewear that feels effortless on your face. I draw inspiration from many places, but for this collection I kept coming back to early 20th-century fashion and styling. From color to construction I felt that this era influenced the our designs and held true to our brand mantra of creating luxurious products that will stand the test of time. 

- Patty Perreira

Our rimless thinsert design is developed with precision and meticulously refined through a tumbling and hand polishing process for an ultra-thin profile to achieve the most sophisticated presentation.